Albion Street, Shoreham

From Dereliction to Accommodation - Transforming two derelict buildings in Adur into emergency accommodation to support up to six families

We are really pleased to have successfully completed the transformation of two derelict and seemingly unloved buildings into six flats. All of which have become emergency accommodation for the local community. Helping those who urgently need somewhere to live.

The building is owned by Adur District Council and was originally a semi-detached pair of Victorian houses. While they had been let as bedsit accommodation previously, their poor condition meant that they had been vacant for at least three years. Those who are familiar with driving along the A259 along the Shoreham/Southwick seafront will have most likely seen the sad deterioration of the building. So we were really keen to get started on the renovation of it as soon as we were appointed by Adur District Council.

We completely stripped out the building and created six modern flats to be used almost immediately after their completion. In fact, just one week after handing the project over, people were moving in, which was great to see.

Maximising Space

As the two houses had been left for so long, they had a lot of water ingress resulting in most of the timber work being rotten and needing replacement. Working with the architectural design team at Cityzen, we maxmised the roof space that became available when two unstable chimney stacks were removed, creating two new flats through adding a loft conversion and extension.

The whole building was in need of a lot of stabilisation. The structure was fragile and we needed to reinforce it to make sure that it could safely withstand its new purpose. This included rebuilding the bay windows as they too were structurally unstable.

Impressive air improvements

Again, working with Cityzen, we were able to improve the building’s air permeability, making it a lot less draughty and quieter for occupants. The results of the air test revealed that, in some areas, the overall air permeability was ten above the required default. A fantastic result and very important for a building that is right next to the busy A259.

Restricted Access

Due to its location, access to the works was very restricted. With no driveway or rear access and the building being on a relentlessly busy part of the main road, getting materials delivered to the site was challenging. To alleviate some of the difficulty, we took down the front garden walls so that skips and deliveries could be placed there and rebuilt them once building work was complete. The public footpath in front of the property was also closed to protect the safety of the public.

The result

Despite the challenges, the project has already produced excellent results. Just the external transformation of the building alone was enough to turn heads. Inside, all six flats were ready to be moved into and, as we mentioned, people were moving in just one week after handing the project over.

We’re really proud to have been able to build such a fantastic resource for the Adur community. The flats will provide temporary and emergency accommodation for rough sleepers. Helping them get back on their feet and back into society. It’s so good to see a once-neglected building becoming such a valuable space. Adur District Councillor, Steve Neoclous, said “[The flats are] really well kitted out and will make great homes for people in need”.

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