Project Details

Sector: Residential

Value: £1.6M

Architect: Yiangou Architects Ltd

Swimming Pool of Private House, Kent

The client appointed Cheesmur Building Contractors to construct a high specification swimming pool facility set within the rear gardens of their estate but linked to the existing dwelling via the existing gym wing.  The client’s design brief was for a unique pool housing with fully glazed facades which could be opened on all elevations to give an outdoor pool experience when the English weather permits.  A sizeable proportion of the client’s budget was subsequently expended on bespoke sliding door sets which provided clear opening to external space when folded back.  These door sets were ordered, designed and signed off for manufacture before the structure was wholly complete such that lengthy lead times from order to installation could align with the keen construction programme.  Through collaborative working between the lead designer, Yiangou Architects, and Cheesmur Building Contractors, a thorough checking process of the fabrication drawings and keen attention to the minimal tolerances permitted during construction, the installation of the door sets was successfully completed.  Externally, the curved copper facia brought about its own challenges, but is a striking attribute to the new pool house.

The external works including significant landscaping works were completed to a high standard and accommodated the client’s changing specifications without detriment to the contract.

The project was completed in spring 2017, with a satisfied client and collaborative working proved to create a relaxed & trust filled relationship between the design team and Cheesmur.

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